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Avindie Great Balls of Fire 'Louie' with his great niece Scarlettoro Synchronicity 'Amy'.



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We purchased our first Bull Terrier for $100 in 2003 from an advert in a local buy, swap, sell booklet, a red and white male called Bandit aka RIVERBULL MR DUDE. He'd lived his life on the end of a massive heavy chain and we had to cut off his chain collar which was imbedded into his neck. Even after that he was a super sweet and cheeky boy who loved to sit and shake hands on command and kill all stuffed toys and unfortunately as we found out, cats.

Unfortunately at that time we quite liked owning our cats and other animals. After losing a couple of cats to Bandit we decided to rehome him to a more suitable family and look for a female who suited our lifestyle at the time.

After scouring the newspapers and for sale ads we found a beautiful little gentle natured white girl called Sybill, aka Bullroy Tarshas Star ironically also advertised in the same local buy, swap and sell booklet we had found Bandit in. Who became our foundation bitch a few months later. Just by chance we aquired her sister Bullroy Dellas Diamond (again, from the same booklet!), who also had one litter for us. Sybill lives on in her great grandson Basil, our red and white miniature boy who is a grandson of our beloved girl Maggie, Sybills daughter from our foundation litter.

In 2006 we welcomed our first miniature into the family, Mynni aka Stardom Black Velvet. We have continued with Mynni's line and currently have her great great grandpuppies being shown, and we welcomed Mynni's great great GREAT grandpuppies into the world in 2016. We are well and truly hooked on minis now!

Health is our number one priority, followed closely by temperament, type and virtue. It isn't hard to breed a show pony but this is not what we aim for. In every litter we aim to produce super virtuous healthy puppies with lots to offer the breed, who will also live a long life. We are extremely strict with what dogs we exhibit at shows, we have a bar set very high for ourselves and if a dog doesn't come near to reaching that bar it isn't shown. Hence why you will not see us at shows every weekend drumming up 'petrol champions'.

Our prefix name is in honour of our first Bull Terrier Bandit. 'Scarlet-Toro' meaning 'red bull'. As much as Bandit was a shock to the system as he was not like any dog we had ever owned before, we have him to thank for making us fall in love with this breed.



Type is the greatest virtue of all.



 A young Hector and a rooster face-off





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